Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Is Emily Maynard Again Looking For Love?

the bachelorette
Love can be painful sometimes. It can make a person cry a river, not to mention the heart that is broken into thousands of pieces. But time is like Vicodin. It drifts away the pain as the person starts putting together the broken heart and the lookout for love starts again.

If word in the air is to be believed, then Emily Maynard is once again looking for love.

The lady whose relationship with Brad Womack suffered a terrible fate is speculated to be making an appearance in The Bachelorette to find love again!

Emily Maynard relationship didn’t last long, because Brad was not able to come to terms with the lady having a son!

For your kind information, the couple parted ways in May 2011.

Well that was past and what is being suggested may be the future of the next season of The Bachelorette.

But Chris Harrison, the keeper of the show, suggested that he has his doubts about Emily making her way to the show.

He suggested that the wounds of the break up are still fresh and the possibility of her gracing the show is distant.

He further added that it would be too soon to speak about the next season as the present is still running and the show bosses would not like to limit their options by narrowing down to Emily.

But the host reflected that if the lady made it to the next season, the show will get an interesting turn as the daddy angle would change the whole game.

Well, those who watch The Bachelorette episodes must be dreaming how it would be like if the lady makes it to the next season.  
Man, I am getting goose bumps!

If she makes it to the show, then I would definitely watch The Bachelorette online!

Well, I’ll watch it now too, but the thrill will surely multiply!

Friday, 8 July 2011

Finally, Farewell for Bentley Williams!

Do you know someone who can go on talking without caring about the fact that he/she is not making any sense at all, or even worse, without caring that whether anybody is interested in his/her blabbering or not?

Of course you know!

Everyone knows at least one man or woman who belongs to this despised faction.

Bentley Williams is someone who garnered widespread fame, because of this characteristic!

He, finally, gave his last farewell to The Bachelorette, and it didn’t go the way he would have wished.

Chris Harrison, who hosts the show, reflected that he is glad (along with the rest of the audience) about the exit of Bentley from the show. He even nodded to the fact that this Bentley affair went for a little too long.

Ashley herself brought an end to the Bentley’s acts, and it is being reported that Chris helped her, a lot, to pull off the job. Chris stated that he lent some wise words to the gorgeous lady, which made her take a stand for herself.

We saw Bentley, who broke Ashley’s heart in the past, trying to reconcile their differences, but Ashley was in no mood to give in.

Well, what can I say?

 It seems the charms of the man, who can win a speaking marathon (if such a thing exists), didn’t work!

Well, the chapter of Bentley is over, and I am sure that many will be eager to relive it by grabbing The Bachelorette download.

The show will only get better from here as the boys will finally be able to grab the attention of Ashley.

Watch The Bachelorette online if you missed the episodes, which gradually marked the exit of the self proclaimed charmer, Bentley Williams. It’s not something you would like to miss!  The courage Ashley showed by sending an on-the-face message to the rude dude, Bentley, is definitely worth a watch.