Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Bentley Williams is a rude dude, but he might still be in demand!

We all want others to remember us in good light, but the story of Bentley Williams didn’t have an ideal ending, as the so-called bad man of The Bachelorette made a dramatic exit from the show. 

The Bachelorette episodes follow 25 men fighting it out for the adulations of one lady. The show met an unexpected turn when Bentley decided to leave the show while the lady Ashley Hebert was in tears.

Well, this is not the best thing one can do to leave a good impression on the audience. Following his exit, twitter saw a war waged against Bentley for being such a rude dude.

What really fuelled the whole fire were the statements Bentley came up with while making the exit, plus the videos that showed the man uttering some words about Ashley.

The reason the man gave for walking out of the show was his daughter. But the masses, it seems, are not ready to buy it!

The people who are close to Bentley came to his defense by stating that he is a man stuck in a wrong situation and is really a good fellow at heart.

While all this was happening, Chris Brown came up with the revelation that Bentley will be making a comeback in the show in the approaching future.

This came as a shock to everybody, as there are not many who would like to see him after what he did to the poor girl’s heart.

Now, the question is that will he be able to make an impact after leaving such a bad impression?

Well, gear up to download The Bachelorette series’ forthcoming episodes to know what will happen if he makes a re-entry.